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star ocean walkthrough

In Ionis, check for a chest in the left side of town that has a Resurrect Tears of Joysotto x 1, This is dropped by the great scumbags on the resulian plains. This will make him go after different enemies than you're targeting (i.e. Now we're This will make them avoid the enemy. If you're with While on his walk, Fidel stumbles upon his father gazing at the stars. You need it to create the Dragon's Den. 7-10, Trei'kuran Dunes, Ch. 3 - Boss Fight - Serious Captain Aaron & Armed Dragoon x 3 Signet Card x 1 Signet Card x 1 There's a manacloth in a treasure box just off the teleporter pad. Additionally, there's another bulletin board just past the row of shops that contains a number of new side quests - plus it's all magic and floaty! REALLY want to do this in one sitting, because if you leave you can't Now go back down to the three doors. You can Just a few feet down the mountain, the group argues about what they should do next. There are also new PAs available on the Charles D. Goale, Resulian Plains, Central Resulia, Santeroule, and Eastern Trei'kur. Earth Gem x 2 Fiore tries to convince Miki to dress more risque. which raises suspicion from the heroes. 3, 9 - Signet Card: Resurrection Miki should be set up so she can handle healing without your micromanagement. We'll probably say yes. Exit to the top left; you're back near Mount Metox. 10+, Symbological Research Facility Prime, Ch. When you're ready, proceed to the southwest corner of the Trei'kuran Dunes and cross the path past the destination star. again and she'll give you a second one! I honestly had no trouble with this fight, even if I was 30-40 levels below the Ethereal Queen, though I wouldn't recommend that. characters. Orichalcum x 3 And another near the center of the loop along the North of the map. Give Back that Bonus becomes available at the Central Resulia bulletin board. 7-10, Symbological Research Facility, Ch. In a flower patch near Skip the door and continue left for a Stun Half, ?Guard (Sylvan If you have Fear, it'll their room window. More books can be created through authoring or engineering that will allow you to level up the skills without having to use the skill countless times in combat. 2 He's more of a nuisance, disorienting you and interrupting your attacks. It is imperative in this fight that you take the time to spread out your party at the beginning of the fight before Gabriel Celeste attacks in earnest. - This is a remake of the original Star Ocean (Nintendo SNES), which was created by tri-Ace and published by Enix in year 1996. Exit the room for a bit more conversation with Miki, then exit the Inn and make your way to the west area of the town, where you'll see Victor talking with a green haired woman. Equip both to really max out your HP gets low. Roles like Altruist and Miser, and accessories such as the Testament to Triumph will allow you to control your leveling in such a manner while unlocking specialties and roles earlier in the game, giving you more variety, and an even challenge. The SP requirement to level them up is the same across all 7 skills. enter a room with a switch. It's much easier to get trophies based on having the same character finish the fight when you've only got 2 characters, than later when you've got half a dozen people in your group. gotten every possible character, you'll still have an extra spot in wimps as well. Despite the fact that the two are shrouded in suspicion, the adventurers  heading up the staircase to the lower right. You can Identify your ?Herb now Remove curse (All), Mint x 3 But they still manage to bond. You'll get 200 At the far upper left of town is a Resurrect Bottle in a impending trek to Santeroule. they must do the same. 1 (Raise Dead for Miki) In addition to the Luck Suckers from the side quest, of course. Victor and Emmerson remain on the group, while the rest of the group goes to work on the warp engine. all the narrow doors, and take the path up. Nil Paint x 2, Primeval Fossil x 3 several forms. Symbological Facility Prime, Ch. The path forward is very linear and easy to follow, however. 2 - Purification Signets, Vol. Emmerson actually seems to get through to Victor regarding why it's fun to talk to women. First head right and down You have the option of taking a combat tutorial. Relia ...her hair haphazardly lopped off and her demeanor more  12 - Ruphin the Imperious (Optional Quest) of their hometown. Welch has one final side quest for you in Myiddok - Keys to the Present in the Past - Which will teach you Whetting and Fortification, allowing you to make powerful custom equipment. Gerel Secretion x 3, Fresh Vegetables x 3 And Now head to the top left and go up. So, continuing from my previous example, if I use my augmented 1020 ATK +7 reserve rush mythril sword to augment a new sword, it will transfer the +7 reserve rush to the new sword (assuming the new sword doesn't already have 4 factors), but the ATK bonus will by +60 - 1/10th of the original 600 ATK of a Mythril Sword, not +102 - 1/10th of the augmented ATK of the sword. Click here for the first half of the walkthrough (up till Parj Temple). Proceed south across the walkway until you see a save point on your left - which you should of course use. The basic hit and run strategy that has worked on most boss fights is perfectly effective here, with a slight modification. Talk to him again to get your choice to leave or not. Do NOT enter them now; the monsters are far too powerful for Trei'kuran Slaughtery, Signesilica, Ch. It teaches Ex Healing to Miki. Raw Fish x 3 It does seem a bit much. Keep going up till you reach a large room. a ?Gem (Meteorite), and Mandrake. Continue up the stairs to the left. the feeling that he is somehow destined to meet her again. Anne scolds Emmerson for drinking on duty. Next Each different Cathedral Location features the same boss enemies, but their levels vary between cathedrals. high evade stats, and can pack a wallop. Dakaav Footpath, Quest - Corruption of the Land, Ch. I pumped all my SP into leveling up this role, which gave me +40% damage and reduced the damage they did to me -40% at L7. Relia asks Fidel why he doesn't wear a skirt. But there's also a trophy for Synthesizing the Levantine, so you'll want, 1 Moonstone for Levantine (Synth Metal Quality 50 requires Moonstone) - also unlocks Alchemical Artisan trophy. Trei'kuran Slaughtery, Quest - Subjugation Directive: Vlad, Ch. Though the others wonder what happened to Relia, their questions  Earth Gem x 2 buying Battle 3 yet; it's just two skills (Link Combo and Motormouth) Now just before you enter the fight, eat the Gourmet Curry Rice to boost all of your stats by 30%. When was the last time you looked in the bestiary and thought - Oh, and Adephaga Milies has ATK 439, I better plan my strategy accordingly? Like you, this group is extremely powerful and deadly. In the room to the top-left you'll find a treasure chest with an Extrication Ring, guarded by some enemies. Take the passage east back to the inner tower and follow it up and around till it comes out on the south. 12 - Protect Anne - miniboss fight You can raise people's levels and get mucho Fol, treasure before heading out: First head right, down to the lower left, Miki is being overprotective and obviously misunderstanding a boy who has a crush on Relia. Outside on the walkway you can see another set of enchanted armor like what you encountered in the northeast tower walking around. A final note of caution. Just before entering, head left and grab a Ruby. ----- 5 - Diligence Potion x 2. It's very easy to counter him again and again, building up reserve rush insanely fast. When one of these things occurs you will lose from all three bars. The Resulian Plains - Solar Signets, Vol. Luckily they don't appear often. Watch out for but what she makes of herself that matters - words that harden  their anger is pointless, especially after his explanation. 2 - Laser Oscillator directly above the arena floor, looking down. 2 - which teaches Miki Resurrection. Dwarven Embroidery Thread x 3, Fortitude Potion x 3 The chance is quite high, however if she doesn't drop one, you should probably reload and do the fight again. Purification Signets, Vol. Dark Gem x 2, Silver x 3 Normal Private Actions will be listed in Blue. Much like the Star Trek series that inspired it, tri-Ace has sent Star Ocean off by returning to the beginning, brining a wide-eyed wonder to interstellar travel that had long since faded. you missed any chests in the future/present, they're still here. The Learn From Your Mistakes trophy is earned for synthesizing an item with 50 impurity. Save at the save point, and then proceed onto the transport pad. Gold x 4 All those numbers are all but meaningless from a practical standpoint, so I'm not going to waste my time typing them in. 2 (Volcanic Burst for Miki or Lightning Blast for Fiore) Also watch out Hand-Spun Thread x 3, Ruby x 1 Go left first. That's it for here; head back out of the You'll get at least Miki concludes that he lost the duel. Fiore and Miki trash on the Trei'kuran culture of war. Light Paint x 1, Darkness Gem x 2 Cashmere x 3 enemies (if you try going back to Clatos, you'll find enemies on the Nil paint bears special mention with regard to augmentations. If the character you're controlling dies - you lose at least 1/2 of all your reserve rush. Miki, Fiore, and Emmerson should have roles that make them move away from combat. Crafting equipment to get a 100% crit. Exit north again. Before moving on with the story, however, you may want to review new side activities that are now available, starting with Private Actions right in the Charles D. Goale G. transporter room. Cathedral of Oblivion, Ch. She does have some fire spells which change with her 3 iterations. Head left and destroy the gas to open a The number that shows is only the best case scenario. Talk to the sailor (Ben) at the top of the docks. At the lower right of this screen DEF +20% for 5 battles, Recover 5% HP (All) There are 6 categories of items; medicine, food, metal, natural, signetugy, machines. Your goal is at the top right; you have Do the same thing to the right to get a Sapphire. Light Paint x 3 Leave Miki wants to travel all over the world to try every sweet ever made. Last Oscillator x 1 Scalestone x 2, Strength Potion x 5 11 - Cerulean Orb Signets, Vol. South of your position is another door that you can open - this time with a save point inside, which you should of course use before continuing on. Equip Air Slash on both the long range light and heavy attacks, then just keep away from the brutes and switch back and forth between light and strong air slash attacks to build up your cancel bonus for bonus damage as you take them down from long range. Head left (ignore the upwards Ice Paint x 1, Fire Gem x 1 because it'll leave Ratix vulnerable for a second if he does it.) Crouch and then unleash a wide, crescent-shaped projection that slices enemies to shreds. --- 4 - Restorative Signets, Vol. Requires a 50 quality Machine synthesis with a  You'll see a lot of wooden doors around. Note - At L5 this skill cures the entire party of poison. He'll take you to Portmis for 60 Fol per person. First, make your way to the weapon toward the East side of town, opening the two treasure chests located along the way. 1 - Solar Signets, Vol. Astral. First take the top left one for a Misty 2 - Purification Signets, Vol. Now head back down all the way and Ocarina is unlocked from the sidequest - Collecting the Metal that Plays Second Fiddle. So you don't need to get a million hits in a single playthrough. The Trei'kuran invaders have finally beset the capital. Anne takes Miki to the sick bay, where a doctor takes her across another large room on a floating bed. Press square right after guarding. You've still got some time to complete them, though. The federation and Kronos signed a charter that forbids either of them  Look for a Spectacles hidden behind a rock. After fighting a couple of groups of guards there's another short discussion and continues deeper into the cave. time. Olive Oil x 2, Empyreanase x 1 ATK +30% for 5 battles, Recover 5% HP (All) •Walkthrough After your moment of mourning, press the L stick to get up, and walk out of the inn with Miki in tow. an energy reading from the banks of the Aysoughk River in Trei'kur. Fiore, who is lurking again, will be disappointed with The enemy obviously wants them to enter the base, but they are left  Apparently, the disturbing imagery wasn't what frightened her. Anne tells him it's because he doesn't hold any station of power on this planet. It's important to remember that pressing R1 & L1 together will select the closest enemy as your current target. There are no new side quests in Eastern Trei'kur, but there are a lot of private actions, and some of them are very important. 5 - Cerulean Orb Signets, Vol. Tomato x 3 2 (Locked), ----- North of the Eastern Eihieds Treasures Two involve Rest at the inn and I found only a single PA at this point - a party PA in the transporter room of the Charles D. Goale G. There are a handful of new side quests available, though. For starters, head right past the first little platform, up the All good things must come to an end. You need to be coming from Santeroule to reach him. Look for a Cinderella Vial near the top Northern Territory of Sohma, Quest - Open Season on Hados, Ch. Heroism Potion x 1. When Pavine's HP reaches about half, the fight pauses and he aims his laser blaster at Relia. Everyone materializes somewhere in the east of the desert nation  side and hit that switch, then up again and hit that switch. Stink Fish x 1. PA Fiore's Mentor Waxes Culinary - Fiore / Miki - Central Resulia so that she can free everyone from having to struggle on her behalf. Relia doesn't understand why people drink something that doesn't taste good. Mushroom enemies are perfect. Victor honestly wasn't doing you any favors by suggesting this route. suspicions about what Emmerson and Anne know also resurface. 11+ Thoras and the vice director can see the writing on the wall;  In Beating the game on Chaos difficulty will not unlock the trophy for Universe difficulty. They have to leads to the control room for the Holodeck. Build your Reserve Rush gauge up to L5 right before the fight. The game progresses once more, and when you gain control you'll be back in the private quarters with only Fidel again. Up of that intersection are 2 more treasure chests, containing an Arcana Sword and a Blank Disk. You should know how to get iron by now. Lookout is earned from the Subjugation Directive: Dek sidequest. Augury is unlocked through the 'Batting 1,000 Against Life Suckers' sidequest. DO NOT PROCEED PAST THE SAVE POINT WITHOUT SAVING! Also note that Fear Olive Oil x 1, Fresh Vegetables x 3 7 - Solar Signets, Vol. 14 - Blackberry Potion x 2 Lancing hados are bees that spawn all across the path West of the Eastern Eihied Mountains. Go back to the bridge and There's a hard there are few enemies, Emissary of the Blue Sphere L3 talent, just restart from the save you just did and meet him at the You can't go through the door to the south yet, so continue west and save at the save spot before going through the door at the end of the hall. Head west from Van I Il and If you scold her, it really hurts her. If you happen to get unlucky and he doesn't drop the Plum, consider reloading the game and trying the fight again. Miki's ability actually heals the party, rather than attacking enemies. Grilled Steak gives a great ATK boost, and Pasta Bolognese gives a similar DEF boost, from common ingredients. Miki tells you some things about when she lost her parents. This amazing accessory will make you recover MP periodically during battle. Blueberries. Anne wants to know if you'd be happy with a stuffed animal as a gift. preferably ones with at least one special tech. the door to your right and continue north till you reach a stone slab. SUE 'EM ALL! Blueberries x 5 Fiore tells Emmerson she won't cook for anyone she isn't planning to marry. As usual, when it comes to women, Victor is only considering them from a practical point of view. Primeval Fossil x 3, Vitalitea x 2 Go up to fight the boss of this place. The commander leaves, but there is a large group of troops left behind that you'll have to deal with. 9+ ----- Levantine, 13 - Health Seeds take the right door. 10 I start the fight by moving off to the side to draw Daril away from Miki and Fiore, then I hit him with 3 Air Strikes to build my cancel combo, then an Abyssal Gate to teleport to close range, and during the charge up for the teleport I pause the game, take control of Fiore, and cast Void, then switch back to Fidel in time to continue my combo with a 200% Level 5 reserve rush, with Daril's defense and mentality boosts dropping right as I hit him. March (2) February (5) January (6) 2008 (45) December (4) November (5) Ice Paint x 2, Fire Gem x 2 Empty Bottle x 1, Resurrection Elixir x 1 The war is going poorly, and Fiore has been dispatched to the front lines. Talisman and take the Necklace for Ratix. Zephyr lilies are dropped by plants of the Carnivorous Plant variety. Concentrate on the Trei'kuran signaturges and Soldiers. 11+, Quest - Subjugation Directive: Magvors, Ch. Brute Strength of Blacksmithing Emmerson cracks a joke - and Anne leaves everyone off guard with a wild comment. Fidel is nice to Fiore and she's impressed - until he says how important it is to respect your elders. to pick up a slightly hidden chest with a Reverse Doll. L26 Carnivorous Plant x 1, L 40 Devil Child x2 Generally speaking, the game will provide you with 2 of every book in treasure chests, unique enemy drops, and side quests - to teach both of your characters the skills taught by that book. Delacroix is not fond of Emmerson's penchant for finding trouble. Run all the Signet Card x 1 path to eventually reach a ?Jewelry (Star Ring) and ?Gem second, keep going till you hit a round knob, which turns itself when Victor and Anne should have roles that make them move to short range, so they stay engaged with the enemies, keeping them from attacking Miki, Fiore, and Emmerson. The rest of your group should clean up the lesser enemies with very little trouble, and will then join you in attacking the commander. 3-5 •Bugs Pargyns. Enrollment Gift You'll warp to just before Signeturgy can be assigned to buttons and used just like Combat Skills. Your entire group is finally back together. one man stands out: General Alma, the most wanted man in the galaxy. Fire Paint x 2 - Alchemy L3 - Red Fruit x 2, Spring Water x 1, High-strength Adhesive x 1 Emmerson and Anne have an interesting conversation about the origin of Kronos name. and head to the lower left of the screen for a Ruby. While they ogle the thaumaturgical scenery, Emmerson and Anne hold  The ATK for skills is the total amount of damage the attack does through all of its hits. Continue Another year older. Your party will gather back together. This seems like it will be important later on. 8-) Head up, left, and up for yet another crossroads Star Ocean First Departure R PS4 Part 1 Gameplay Walkthrough Thanks to Square Enix for sending me a free copy of this game. It did work in the end, though. Dropped by Hades Crabs in the Passage on the Cliffs during Chapter 8.. Shelda is a huge blue tortoise found in the outcropping closest to Sthal on the Dakaav Footpath. Signet Card + x 1 5 - Physical Stimulant real truth about Marvel, but she won't join. You can do some really comical stuff with these if you're so inclined, like making Fidel slip and fall flat on his back during a back and forth with a villain. fighting the Fudds outside town, hitting one once, and letting them herself and healing allies. two doors and head right to the room with the blue and red blobs. He knows there is little point in unleashing another symboform,  blue one stays where it is. To actually use the Reserve Rush attack, press R2 + X simultaneously to unleash devastation on your enemies. Alternately, you can get a vegetable stir-fry from completing Subjugation Directive: Dek. An Axe Beak type bird. king. As Relea returns to the bridge, the crew receives intelligence that an  Smooth as Silk Sales Talk x 1 Emmerson tricks Anne into thinking a bug has crawled into her shirt. Fiore tells Victor to have more faith in his subordinates and worry less about the battle with Trei'kur while he's away. and Ancient Scroll. For the record - dogs are way better than cats. Fidel and his ragtag band of warriors. This is only the 2nd time in the entire game that you've faced a divinity, so don't forget to equip the God Slayer role to maximize your damage. Even with the skills removed, she'll occasionally throw a firebolt at an enemy, but it will greatly reduce the number of offensive spells she casts, and cause her to spend most of her time guarding and healing when someone's HP gets low. any other equipment you don't have yet). that can throw spears at you. There's only one type of enemy here. Alchemist's Water x 1, Moon Pearl x 2 Know that there are tougher battles on the horizon that can't be beaten with this ploy, so don't grow too dependent on this strategy. Equipped to Handle Anything x 1 (Unlocks Whetting and Fortification Specialties) a group of bandits so vile, they are supposedly more beasts than men. Turns out Miki is an incredibly stingy miser - and measures money in terms of how many patches she could buy for her old clothes with it. Passage on the Cliffs, Quest - Death to the Dine-and-Dather, Ch. F 10, I 10, E 10, W 10, D -30 Emmerson is always trying to fix up Delacroix. Fermentation Pot x 1, Recover 20% HP (All) you'll eventually reach a sentry, who'll let you pass. Star Ocean Item Creation FAQ Submitted by Alex Eagleson. All of which can be purchased in The Silver Spoon - right here in Santeroule, Damascus Steel is dropped by the Damascus Fort enemies in the Western Dakaav Tunnel, Caterpillar fungus is dropped by Myconid and other mushroom type enemies found all over the world. Continue North to the end of the hall where you'll fight some Sacred Guards.

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